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Lee Ramsay Publishing's primary focus is promoting the novels, settings, and characters created by Lee Ramsay.  However, we recognize how difficult it is for new authors and other content creators to connect to the resources necessary to take a story or product from concept to delivery without breaking the bank.

Our vision and mission is to provide new authors and content creators with a needed resources in establishing their brand.

Additionally, Lee Ramsay Publishing is a community resource through which Authors, Artists, Beta Readers, Editors, and Graphic Designers can connect.  We will also review new publications, providing quotable blurbs for their covers and promotional materials.


Lee Ramsay

Lee Ramsay was born and raised in Orange County, California.  He is a lifelong lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction , with a taste for Horror sprinkled through his book and movie collection.

After serving in the U.S. Army as a computer specialist, he completed his Masters degree in Geography at California State University, Fullerton, as well as earning a Liberal Arts degree from Santa Ana College.  His studies focused on Sociology and Anthropology, which influences his world building, as he has significant grounding in both English and History.

Lee Ramsay has also written, won, and directed major economic development and education grants.  This experience has informed his writing by developing an understanding of how people, communities, and economies function.


Confused About Your Next Steps?

Lee Ramsay Publishing understands the overwhelming - and expensive - challenges in developing products and establishing a brand.  In our website, you will find:

  • Beta Readers who may work under contract to provide honest reviews of your work and some basic editing services,
  • Reputable Artists and Graphic Designers who can help you design the appropriate cover for your book,
  • Links to Publishing Resources to further clear the air about how to build a Platform, use Social Media, create effective Marketing, develop engaging Newsletters, and more,
  • Book Recommendations in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, with additional categories likely to be added,
  • New Authors who Lee Ramsay Publishing and its affiliates have reviewed, and
  • Links to businesses Lee Ramsay Publishing supports