Thank you for your interest in the worlds I am creating and the characters who inhabit them.  My goal, regardless of the genre I am working in, is to tell compelling stories about people you would want to have a cup of coffee with.

I draw heavily on my studies in Geography to develop landscapes, economies, and political systems which could feasibly function, and rely heavily on my studies in Sociology and Anthropology to create plausible societies, believable cultures, and realistic races and ethnic groups (specifically within my fantasy settings).

I currently have two primary settings in which I am working:


My fantasy world is called Galaneas, with most of the stories I am currently developing set on the continent of Celerus.  The setting is an equivalent to Europe in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, and many of the societies draw on or hybridize elements of real cultures to give create depth.

Chronicles of the Fall explores cultures and regions of the world of Galaneas.  Thematically, the series explores topics such as: social classes and caste systems, nationalism, ethnicity, sex and sexuality, gender and gender roles, and more.  Due to the nature of these topics, there may be content some readers may find unpleasant; however, such content is not included merely for shock value.  The series is intended for mature audiences.

What you won't find here are elves, orcs, ogres, and others; I have come up with my own new races to populate the world.  You may also find that, while I skim the edge of Grimdark, I don't completely go down that narrative path.  What you will find are believable people in realistic situations; it's up to you to decide if they are heroic or villainous.

Thematic Subgenres: Epic/High Fantasy, Adult Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Coming-Of-Age, Court Intrigue, Gritty Fantasy, Hard Fantasy

Science Fiction/Cyberpunk

I am a HUGE fan of science fiction, with my biggest influences coming from the Star Trek and Star Wars...though I do love quite a few other books and movies set in the genre.  I also have a fascination with Cyberpunk and Biopunk, partly due to my days working in Information Technology, and this has been a major influence on my science fiction storytelling.

Most of my Sci-Fi will be in a setting called 1DEN10T - which inhabitants of that world colloquially call Identity.  No doubt the influence of movies like Tron, Tron: Legacy, and The Matrix will be apparent, as will various cyberpunk novels; however, the real influence on this setting is the real-life virtual world of Second Life - I just advance the concept a full century beyond where we are.


Who doesn't like having a creepy feeling?  Most of my horror stories are set in regions or places where I have actually been, which helps me see where my characters are.  Hopefully, if you live anywhere in Southern California, the upper Midwest toward Wyoming, or the Mid-Atlantic, you'll feel like you've been right where my characters are.

Whichever genre you prefer, I hope you find my stories hit more than one of your tastes.