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1DEN10T V.1

Though World War Three is over, the resource scarcity which started the conflict continues to plague humanity.  Reorganized into hyperdense urban centers where living space is at a premium and opportunity is limited, people virtualize as avatars in cyberspace to escape limitations on who and what they can become.

Despite the optimistic possibilities virtual worlds offer, the separation between reality and cyberspace is thinner than most imagine.  As people carry real-world concepts, biases, and desires into constructed environments, they discover their idealized escapism is far more real than anticipated.


The first in a series of novels set in the virtual world of Identity, 1DEN10T V.1 follows five individuals as they explore and define the complexities of their psyches, sexualities, and personhood.  Though separate, they discover their lives are more intertwined than they thought possible – and that humanity is being judged by the sentient artificial intelligences created for their entertainment.

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Wrinkles In Reality: A Horror Collection presents five short stories in which ordinary people must confront paranormal realities - and their own motives, fears, and conflicts.  For some, the real monsters hide within; for others, the aberrations are all too real and dangerous.

Featured Stories: Addiction, Roach Motel, Revenge, Halloway Man, and Whispers In The Dark.

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Orphan, Book One: Chronicles of the Fall

Orphan, Book One: Chronicles of the Fall

In the great realms of Western Celerus, ancient bloodlines and forgotten history threaten the fragile balances that affect lives from the greatest kings to the lowliest orphans.

Pressed into a masquerade as a squire by a Prince of Ravvos, orphaned Tristan encounters the mysterious Grand Duchess of Anahar – a woman rumored to be a centuries-old sorceress engaged in eugenic experiments on her people. Not only that, she has an agenda far beyond the politics of Western Celerus.

In possession of information that could change the course of nations, Tristan must – with the help of a Hillffolk wildman, a hapless bard, and a young political prisoner – escape imprisonment and pursuit by ruthless Dushken huntsmen to survive the most dangerous adventure he never dreamed of:

The journey home.

A touch of George RR Martin, a dash of Jacqueline Carey, a sprinkle of Tolkien, and a hint of Lloyd Alexander. The first novel in Chronicles of the Fall, Orphan is a character-focused novel with adult themes and content that sets the stage for events of the complete saga.


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