Thank you for coming by and taking a look at my new website.

While LRP is designed to be the imprint under which I publish my own fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and horror stories, I want this to be a resource for new writers as well.

There are millions of books on the market, and every day there are more in print. The idea that writers are competing for eyeballs is only slightly true; we are, but with so many books out there it is impossible for someone to be unable to find what they like. It just takes a bit of support to figure out how to get our stuff in front of the right buyers, and I hope to make LRP a useful hub to get all manner of assistance.

Now that the bulk of the website build is back up, I can get back to writing, editing, and figuring out the rest of what is needed to provide you with engaging and entertaining stories you won’t soon forget!